Baby shower venues

Traditionally, baby showers are held at home, either the host’s home or the future mother’s. The big mess such a party brings makes people move outside the house and more to an outside location. Nobody will be willing to clean up, so how about getting the perfect spot outside the house with these amazing baby shower venues.

The best places to have a baby shower will accommodate all your event needs. However, depending on the space you end up picking, consider the shower’s concept and how you want to make it unique. You will need to consider the type of décor you would like in the location, seating arrangements for the guests, food options available, and a well-detailed Amazon baby registry. Here is a compilation of great places to have an awesome bash!

Places to have a baby shower

  • Restaurant for something intimate

This is the kind of place with a friendly, intimate moment outside of the home and suits the celebration well. Depending on the guest number, you can book the entire venue or make a reservation for a few tables. If you decide to book the whole venue, you have the freedom to decorate the premises as you wish and even leave room for some activities like games. You could even ask for some table decorations that you can use to your advantage.

In Georgia, check out Downtown East Point, which is minutes from Downtown Atlanta off the 166. This space offers the feel of a club or lounge while still being a restaurant. Apart from catering and bartending services, they also offer big-screen TVs, central air, and even a downstairs prep area.

You will find a colorful event space overlooking the beautiful Old Fourth Ward Park, which is also adjacent to the Atlanta Beltline. Beautiful views offer a colorful area that will surely brighten your event, offering various seating ideas and whimsical décor you can explore. It is equipped to handle any of your event’s needs; this is all thanks to the majestic high ceilings perfect for hanging so beautiful ornaments, an extravagant kitchen area, a lounge seating area for people to catch up, 2 TVs, and not forgetting the bar.

  • Terraces to soaking in the views

If you are planning the baby shower during summer, terraces are beautiful. The lovely view, combined with special and delicious meals and a list of drinks to try, makes it a perfect spot. Private Veranda in Ashford Park, Georgia, is a very relaxing venue. To make it more accommodating, they can set up the area in your preferred color scheme to seat up to 15 guests. Enjoy a gas fireplace, greenery, water fountain, and herb garden with your food and drink.

  • Outdoor Locations for some fun activities

Take advantage of green parks in your city or local area to celebrate the shower. Now getting one with nature will make your baby shower stand out, and the best part is most of these parks have some covered area in case it is too sunny for the guests. A garden can offer you budget-friendly options, especially if designed with gazebos, creative balloon walls, and still have plenty of homemade drinks and snacks to enjoy. Nature is the perfect backdrop for amazing photos and an unforgettable celebration.

Outdoor locations provide you with an endless list of options for your event. From a picnic to a massive gathering on a long table, or a brunch in a private garden, outdoor parties are ideal if you will have some fun activities; there is extra space that is immediately available at your disposal. The great thing about these is that parking is always available!

Bronx mansion, a beautiful outdoor garden space in Concourse, New York, is surrounded by lush trees and flowering shrubs. The afternoon shade provides coverage from the full sun starting around 3 pm.

  • Tea Room to get cosy

Tea rooms create a sense of intimacy and are private and quiet for a baby shower. Guests get to enjoy talks, some delicious flavored tea, and sweet treats. You can decorate with elegant décor and even include fine china! Depending on the vibe, you can even plan some games and activities for guests, such as wish writing for mom.

Four Friends Tea Room & Gifts at Pearland, Texas, is a quaint little place that consists of a dining room that seats 20 with very delicious food and signature spiced tea. Tea for Two Tearoom in Huston offers the perfect setting for baby showers with a sumptuous luncheon provided with complimentary tea or coffee.

  • Farms and Barns for something different

How about exploring the idea of Barns or a Farm for the baby shower? These are slowly becoming popular spots for a unique spot for celebrations. The locations immediately offer a natural and rustic feel that you can incorporate into your theme. These are the perfect venues for all your woodland concepts, especially if you’re going for a whimsical and charming theme.

Cold Creek Farm in Dawsonville, Georgia, is a rustic farm that boasts that mush needed country feel and the southern charm, with rolling acres filled with horses and a barn with string lights. This barn-like venue will enchant you on your baby shower that can seat over 100 guests!

Look into Oak Lawn Farm; the Inn has been considered a historic estate located in Carrollton, Georgia. It is a private mansion that has been beautifully restored that offers breathtaking views of the landscape on aged oaks. You are sure to find the perfect spot for the baby shower thanks to the beautifully created spaces, form beautiful expansive lawns, patio areas for relaxing, and several other elegant spots that will blow your mind. A location that will impress, this is all thanks to its Southern Hospitality and beautiful views.

  • Community Centers and Halls an alternative to restaurants

For an affordable location for your event, consider community centers; these are a great alternative to a terrace or restaurant option. However, you will have to provide your own décor, drinks, and shoes. It is a good thing that Centers offer a list of rooms. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about the guest count—Reserve the halls for some hours for plenty of time for fun and games.

You can also consider hosting the shower in a church hall. Worship places generally have additional rooms for social events and gatherings such as receptions and weddings. Johnson Lovejoy Community is a beautiful Center in Atlanta is the perfect place for a baby shower as it’s an affordable venue to rent out, offering your guests ample parking. There’s also a small park, gazebos, and a lake with a walking trail.

Now, if we visit Atlanta, there is also a beautiful gem you need to explore, which is Grant Park. It has been designed to impress with the original hardwood floors, a beautiful stage, and since they like being extra, seven stained glass windows have been handcrafted. A church that has been around since 1920 and a beautiful amphitheater ceiling that is about thirty feet: get to enjoy the all-inclusive book; it includes a beautiful extended sanctuary designed with a stage, a street-level lobby design for greeting the guests as they arrive, pews, chairs, and VIP rooms.

Final thoughts on baby shower venues

Moving the baby shower out of the home is a creative step that gives a whole new concept. Depending on the time the baby is born, it is good to consider the season; if it is within spring or summer, your baby shower could be an outdoor event; take advantage of the beautiful weather. Still, if it is between fall and winter, it is best to have the shower as an indoor event. Whichever option you choose, there are creative ways of making it memorable.

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