Baby shower activities not games

Baby showers are supposed to be fun, as you are celebrating a life coming into the world. Thus, making the transition from pregnancy to motherhood memorable and fun. Typically, to make anything fun, you will need to indulge in exciting activities and a good baby shower venue. Contrary to the conventional way of throwing baby showers that involved many games, engaging activities have taken over the scene. The activities become captivating, interactive, and some even double up as gifts, making the event memorable. This article gives a detailed outline of some mind-blowing baby shower activities not games.

13 Baby shower activities

If you are looking to make the baby shower event memorable from all consider some of these exciting baby shower activities not games.

1. Diaper raffle

One of the biggest expenses that come with a newborn is a diaper. You would want to relieve the mother-to-be of this expense, and the perfect way to do it is by hosting a diaper raffle. A diaper raffle is an activity that requires the visitors to bring one or more packs of diapers to be entered into the raffle drawing. What is needed to execute the activity are diapers, raffle tickets, and a prize for the winner. When sending out the baby shower invitations, you will need to include the raffle tickets and instructions on how the activity is carried out. It is also necessary that you set up a raffle table where the diapers will be placed. The table should contain the prize to be won, a raffle bowl, and a well-framed diaper raffle sign.

2. Replacing cards with books

Traditionally, most baby showers had to come with gifting cards that have remarkably sentimental messages. However, replacing them with books for the newborn can be a better gift. The new books will instil reading culture in the infant and improve their vocabulary even more. Therefore pick books that an infant can resonate with. You can blend in features of a gift card by customizing the book by choosing various wording options.

3. Funny and supportive diaper messages

The many diaper changes in the middle of the night can be overwhelming. At times you need something that motivates you to keep going. The perfect way to deal with this is by captioning funny messages on the diaper that give you a smile when you are changing your little one. You can take one or two packs of diapers with marker pens and give them to the visitor to write funny and reassuring messages on them. An example of the message can be, “only a few thousands before I am potty trained.”

4. Creating a fingerprint canvas

Fingerprint canvases are becoming an excellent alternative to guest books as you can use them to decorate the nursery. They are cute, simple, and fun to sign. One of the designs you can choose is a fingerprint tree; as the guests come, they can sign their names on the canvas. Which can later be used as decor; just look for a cute picture frame. The tree can start with no leaves, and the guest will use their fingerprints as a substitute for the leaves. 

5. Write baby prediction cards.

If you have not yet done a gender reveal, it will be fascinating for the guests to make some predictions about the unborn child. You should print the baby prediction cards beforehand for the visitors to fill in. The card should contain the following details; hair color, gender, birth weight, height, date of birth, eye color, and name suggestions. After the child’s birth, it would be intriguing to look at the cards and gauge who got it right. 

6. Customizing a dropbox guestbook

A drop box is yet another interactive activity that leaves you with a memorable keepsake that you can have as a souvenir. The dropbox comes with a customizable letter and ready to sign cork hearts. It can look more appealing if hanged in the baby’s room. 

7. Headband making session

You can never go wrong with headbands on your little kid. Therefore, why would you purchase them when you can conduct a do-it-yourself project and make personalized ones with your guests. All you need is yarn, pair of scissors, glue guns, and glue sticks to make amazing headbands. This will keep you busy the whole time while catching up on other aspects of life.

8. Creating an ABC book

The act of creating the baby’s first ABC book can also double up as a keepsake guestbook. You can pick a favorite book and have the guests sign in or write a message for the baby. Most likely, the infant will grow fond of it and hold it of sentimental value. You can also be involved in the book’s coloring since it is a peaceful and relaxing activity that the guests are likely to enjoy. 

9. Onesie decoration

Onesie decoration is closely similar to writing supportive messages on the diaper. It involves channeling the guest’s creative side towards achieving remarkably good products. Displaying the decorated onesies on a cloth line in the baby shower room will be an excellent decoration for the party. Additionally, you should include cloth stamps and stencils, this will help get a perfect design for the adornment.

10. Photobooth

Memorable moments need to be captured on camera; hence you can rent a photo booth for this purpose. After perfectly decorating the room and fitting props for either a girl or a boy, you can take photos and use them to create a scrapbook. 

11. Keepsake guestbook

This activity entails engraving a guest book to make a piece of art displayed in the nursery. It would be best to have a giant wooden letter with the baby’s intended first or last name initials designed on the guest book. You should allow guests to sign the canvas with the first letter of the baby’s name, be framed and used as nursery decor later on. Guests can sign a canvas with their thumbprints to create a lovely painting that fits the theme. 

12. Create baby shower blocks

Rather than buying the baby shower blocks, you can opt to do it with your guests. It can be pretty challenging, but with the right instructions, you can make perfectly done blocks. The blocks can also be kept in store for the baby to use when they attain the right age.

13. Create mother advice cards

As a mother, you should be willing to learn a few things from your friends and family, as you cannot be flawless in parenting. Therefore, allow your guests to give you their opinions about parenting by filling the mother’s advice cards. Both you and the guest will feel appreciated and loved.

One last thing

Baby shower events have slowly evolved over the years, and people have come up with creative ways to make the event memorable and fun for all. That is why you should do some research on the various baby shower activities not games that you could explore. The few ideas shared above should help make your event one that people will remember. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone; this is where memories are made. 

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