Amazon Baby Registry

In the history of pregnancy, baby showers were used to shower the mom-to-be with gifts that the future baby will need. The hassle of gift buying got so ridiculous because most friends would buy the same gifts. One also had to go around numerous stores to get items physically, but amazon baby registry has come to the rescue. 

With the advent of the online industry, A baby registry was developed to find out everything a baby would need and keep track of what gifts will help you most before the baby comes. Typically, baby registries are organized by stores, which could include multiple retailers. The Amazon Baby registry is one of the popular online registries for expecting parents because of its massive selection of products, return rates, and Prime shipping deals among more.

How to get your Amazon baby registry?

Creating your Baby Registry

  1. Go to the main Amazon Registry page and click the ‘Get Started’ button.
  2. Add your name, your current address, when you expect your bundle of joy and the shipping address.

To personalize your registry,

  1. Go to the optional information section.
  2. Add the gender of your baby, if this is your first child and a message for friends and family.
  3. You can then add products from the Amazon Registry Checklist. You can also search them specifically from individual product pages.

To install the Universal Registry Button, you click it and add it to your browser. Use the button when you find something on another site that you like.

Using the baby registry checklist

  1. Under the section labeled “Your Registry” drop-down menu, click “The registry Checklist.” You will find about eight different categories with some themes to explore, e.g., “Out and About,” “Feeding,” etc., which also have numerous other sub-categories.
  2. A new page with products will appear. The product box has an “add to registry” button that lets you quickly add items you like.
  3. Check the box next to a sub-category name once you have registered for what you think you need. Amazon keeps track of your progress. Complete everything to qualify for a welcome box.

With the Amazon app, you can access and update your registry anytime, from anywhere. Amazon organizes it by these categories, so it is easier for gifters to search and decide on a gift.

You can make the registry private in case you are just keeping a checklist of all the products you need. If you are looking for gifts, you have the opportunity to make it visible to a select number of people whom you have shared the link with. Creating the registry public will be found by anyone who searches your name.

Top 9 benefits Amazon Baby Registry is able to offer you.

Many moms-to-be already have an account with Amazon, so creating a baby registry is easy to make. Chances are that most people who will be purchasing gifts from your registry have a prime account or are familiar with the shopping experience on Amazon. With Amazon, one gets nice perks like great discounts, you get to enjoy easy returns, free samples to see what new in the market, and free shipping on registry items! Find out why Amazon registry is the best option for you.

1. It has the largest Selection 

Amazon has the largest selection of baby products in the world. It has the largest selection of the most common products period.

2. Comes with a universal Registry

Amazon has the option where you can order a product on another site to go straight to your registry. It has a wide selection of other online retailers that offer baby products. The Amazon Assistant option enables this easily. It makes it easy to add, delete, and comment on a product.

3. You will get to enjoy Completion Discount

It is a 10% off a one-time purchase of any items that are on your registry, 15% for Prime members. This discount applies from 60 days before your due date to 60 days after. Oversized items that may cost some significant money like cribs and strollers could be ordered at this time for you to net some good savings.

4. And take advantage of the Free 1-year returns

Baby products that have been acquired by the registry-owners can only be returned within 90 days. Items bought by friends or family have 365 days after the shipment date! Plus, you get credit!

5. The awesome free two-day shipping

If you are a prime member you get free shipping for all your orders. Non-prime members need to have ordered goods worth 25$ for them to get free shipping.

6. How about the Welcome Box?

The Amazon Welcome Box includes sample products for you and your baby to try out once they are born. The pre-fabricated box is full of surprises and is filled with up to 35$ worth of baby products. However, to enjoy this, you need to be a prime member and ensure you have one of the products from each of the categories of Amazon’s checklist included within your registry. A 10$ registry purchase also needs to have been made. 

7. Group Gifting to get a pricey gift

Another great feature from Amazon is group gifting. Several friends and family could band together to buy one of the pricier items on your registry. 

8. Amazing Diaper Discounts

If a mom-to-be or someone else has made a purchase of over 500$ on products from your baby registry, you get a 20% discount on diapers for baby’s first year. One of the highest costs for new parents is diapers. A diaper fund allows gift-givers to contribute any amount of money, up to 550$ in total. It will be used to buy a year’s worth of diapers in the form of an electronic Amazon gift card.

9. Last and not list, the thank-you List

Amazon organizes a list managed and sent out to everyone from one place in just one click. It keeps a record of thank-you notes sent out to help you direct them better.


Once you review it, you will find the conveniences and discounts of having a baby registry from Amazon is worth it. It is even better once you are a prime member. If you want something specific from other sites, Amazon has made it pretty easy to use the universal registry option. The site offers many features for you to take advantage of.

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